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Massasoit Fall Camporee

October 4, 2019 @ 5:00 pm - October 6, 2019 @ 10:30 am

Pumpkin Chunkin at Camp Collier Schedule of Events

Time – Event

5:00pm Check-In Opens 6:30-8:00 Breakfast @ Sites 6:30-8:00 Breakfast

9:00pm SPL&SM Cracker Barrel

10:00pm Quiet Time

10:30pm Light’s Out

Time – Event

6:30-8:00am Breakfast @ Sites

8:20am Colors

8:30-11:00am Morning Events

11:30-12:30pm Group Lunch

1:00-3:00pm Trebuchet Build

3:00-5:00pm Pumpkin Chunkin

5:00-7:00pm Dinner & Dessert Cooking

8:00pm Shared Desert & Evening Program

10:00pm Quiet Time

10:30pm Light’s Out

Time – Event

6:30-8:00 Breakfast

9:30 Interfaith Service

10:00 Closing & Awards

10:30 Departure


Troop Competition – Troops are encouraged to use their creativity and pioneering skills to create a camp gate at the entrance to their camping area. Troops participating in this activity will earn two practice pumpkins per patrol.

Morning Activities – Scouts will earn practice pumpkins for the trebuchet competition by participating in the morning activities. Up to two pumpkins can be earned by each patrol at each activity.

Pumpkin Soccer – Using only your feet, maneuver your pumpkin through the obstacle course eight times. This event will be scored on total time needed to complete the task.

Radioactive Pumpkin – The patrol must move a cup of radioactive pumpkin waste between two points. Can your patrol successfully accomplish this without being fined by the EPA? This event will be scored on total time needed to complete the task.

Flag Pole Raising – Patrols will work as a team to construct and raise a flagpole to fly their patrol flag. Lashings/knots used: Round lashing, clove hitch, taut-line hitch, two-half hitches. Each patrol will need:

3 scout staves or 6-foot poles 2 lashing ropes
3 guide ropes
1 small pulley or eye bolt rope or cord for hoisting flag clips for flag

patrol flag 3 stakes hammer

This event will be scored on time and correct lashings and knots. Time will stop when the patrol flag is hoisted and the patrol yell is given.

Pumpkin Bowling – Each patrol member will bowl one ‘frame’ in the pumpkin bowling alley. Scoring is based on the total score achieved by the patrol.

Pumpkin Rescue – Scouts must rescue a pumpkin by successfully constructing a rescue net and moving retrieving the pumpkin from a distance of 15 feet. Scoring based on quality of lashings, time and success in rescuing the pumpkin.

Patrol Challenge – Patrols move through three patrol challenge areas. Scoring based on how well the patrol works together to accomplish the challenges.

Afternoon Activities – The afternoon is devoted to the Pumpkin Launching Apparatus build and competition.Build – Scouts will have two hours to assemble/build their Pumpkin Launching Apparatus.

Test – Using the pumpkins they have earned from the morning’s activities Scouts will ‘test fire’ their Pumpkin Launching Apparatus to prepare for the competition.

Competition – Scouts will participate in the Pumpkin Chunkin contest. Judging is based on the following: 1. Distance – Each Troop will be allowed 3 launches towards the farthest distance competition. Best distance will be kept; scoring will be based on length of throw down a marked line minus the distance that the pumpkin diverges from that line.

(Example, a troop launches a pumpkin 20 feet down but veers off the marked line by 7 feet. The resulting score will be 13 feet (20 – 7= 13).)

2. Accuracy – Each patrol will be allowed (3) launches towards a marked target area placed 75 feet from the firing line. Points will be given for each pumpkin that hits the target area.

3. Design – Points will be given for trebuchet/catapult designs using lashings, timbers, and other pioneer type features.

Bonus Points will also be given for embellishments and festooning of the trebuchet, the overall design and implementation of safety features.

4. Scout Spirit – Points given for how well the patrol works to achieve their goals of launching the pumpkins and demonstrating team spirit.

Evening Activities – Scouts will have the opportunity to participate in the Golden Spoon award by creating pumpkin based dessert to share at the evening campfire program.

Golden Spoon – Scouts should prepare a pumpkin based dessert to share at the evening program. Each patrol’s entry should be marked with the patrol’s name, troop number and the name of the dish.

Judges will sample each dish to determine the top three entries, and all Scouts will have an opportunity to try the desserts at the evening program.

Evening Program – Each patrol is asked to prepare a song, skit or stunt to perform at the evening program. Scouts who musically inclined are encouraged to bring their instruments and perform at the campfire.

Pumpkin Launching Apparatus – The following are the rules for the construction of your Pumpkin Launching Apparatus:

• A maximum of 1 Trebuchet and 1 Catapult may be entered from each troop. • All patrols competing from a troop will receive points from their troop entries. • Trebuchets and Catapults must follow the provided designs.

• Maximum frame height – 6 feet
• Maximum frame length – 8 feet;
• Maximum frame width – 6 feet. Your Trebuchet/Catapult may be smaller than the maximums.

• Trebuchet/Catapult throwing arm may not exceed ten feet in total length.
• All machines must be “Scout powered.” No mechanical or chemical devices, such as, but not limited to, hydraulics, air rams or cylinders, springs, bungee cords, slingshots, gunpowder, methanol, etc. will be allowed. The power of the Trebuchet must be produced by Scouts lifting a counterweight and lever arm. The power of the Catapult must be produced by a lever arm and Scout pulling power.
• For safety reasons, there must be a remote firing mechanism for all Trebuchets. The firing mechanism must allow the Scout firing it to be at least ten feet away from the Trebuchet when it is fired.
• Counterweights must be fixed to the device in a manner that will keep them from coming loose upon firing.
• Staking the Trebuchet/Catapult to the ground is permitted as well as adding sand bags to the frame.
• Camporee Staff will determine if the Trebuchet/Catapult is safe. If the Trebuchet/Catapult is deemed unsafe, the District Staff and Scoutmaster will make every effort to help the Scouts make it safe, time permitting.
• These were primitive devices and we wish to honor the tradition. Failure to comply with the above specifications will result in disqualification from the competition.


October 4, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
October 6, 2019 @ 10:30 am
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Camp Collier, Camp Collier Rd., Gardner, MA 01440
2 Camp Collier Rd United States + Google Map


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